Thursday, November 25, 2010

A blog about a blog

If you have somehow randomly alighted here for a moment the first thing you will notice is that I blog infrequently. The only reason for this that is legitimate is that in my work I write constantly and to blog seems like a chore to me sometimes. In addition, I really never have an audience in mind when I write here. I tend to write more for myself when I have something that has popped into my mind and doesn't depart as easily as it arrived.

Today I blog primarily to provide a link to my wife's food blog. She started blogging food just several weeks ago and has had much success attracting attention to her recipes and the wonderful photos she takes of the dishes she prepares.
So if you are the least bit curious about the merger of two food cultures (Southeast Asian and American), and how food became a central binding in our marriage, then click on the link. I can only promise a colorful and tasty experience presented in upbeat fashion and personalized by my gung ho wife whose natural enthusiasm is infectious. Bon appetite!