Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another attempt at a blog

A couple of years ago I made a second attempt at starting a blog on another convenient blog site. My first attempt was a sort of roll-your-own html which had collapsed under the weight of time consumption. With the second attempt I was pretty regular in my postings, which were aimed at family members back in the USA. I wrote as eloquently as I could about this and that. The problem was that no one ever wrote back (hardly)and that was an outcome I had hoped for. Maybe it was because much of what I wrote about in those days were rants about the things I missed, or complaints I had about politics back on the homefront. (I never have been very fond of "Dubya". He strikes me as a dangerous man. About 1/3 of the way into my time in Asia he went and pissed off the whole world which made Americans a bit unpopular in these parts. Besides that, his mother looks like George Washington. I mean really, are his parents a same sex marriage? Probably not, but I do suspect them of being first cousins or something. I mean...look at "Dubya".)
But I am straying. To get back on point: my intent here is to keep it light and post about a variety of topics that will be of interest albeit primarily to me. I'll comment on life in these parts and how, more often than not, the joke is on me. (This alone will yield vast quantities of material to write about.) As to readership, if that were the only reason for writing I perhaps should have a backup plan and start work on a porno site. But the truth is I am writing just to write. It is my way of relaxing and jelling various thoughts that come to mind. Among topics that may repeat will be music, cultural pecadillos, politics, history, books, films, technology, wine, poetry, traveling, photography, and SEX, SEX, SEX (just fishing for google hits...sorry.)

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