Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Meandering

It's been two weeks since I made an entry here. Looking back over the blogs I've posted so far I realize that my style of writing isn't particularly suitable for a blog. Most of the blogs I read are short entries that revolve around a single subject. Cooking seems to be a favorite, or neighborhood life in a big city. There are dozens of expats recounting their experiences in foreign lands (a general theme that I had set out to do). The one thing that stands out is that there are surely a lot of great writers out there.

I spent a good part of yesterday adding an editorial to my news aggregation service that I do for clients. Those of you that read here would be familiar with the theme. As you know, I've been ranting about the economic state we are finding ourselves in. In the case of my "editorial" I express a concern about a commonly held sense in my industry that we are somehow above the macro economic forces around us. That is overstaement, but several of the market prognosticators continue to adhere to a notion that emerging markets, where the greatest growth has been for PCs and I,T, gear,is somehow decoupled from the setbacks we are seeing in America/ To a degree that has been true but I cannot believe it will last.If you are interested here is a link to that issue.

Last night was my last in Bangkok and this morning I am catching a flight back to Kuala Lumpur. I didn't want to go out to eat so I rummaged in the refriderator in the apartment. I found a couple of eggs that were still good and decided I wanted to hard boil them to put with some fresh lettuce I still had. Then it suddenly occured to me that I wasn't sure about the timing of a hard boiled egg. I can't remember having made one before, though I must have one time or another. So, feeling somewhat sheepish, (I am a great home chef after all) I turned to the net and started to google. On the google tool bar there is a feature that starts listing choices as soon as you start typing. Sometimes getting a few letters into typing your search term, and google will list ten suggestions on a scroll bar. If one of them is your query you simply have to scroll down and click on it. I decided I would simply enter "How long to hard boil and egg". As soon as I typed "How long" five of the ten suggestions had to do with boiling eggs. (Google simply lists the top searches that start with the same terms you have entered and lists those.) So I didn't feel so sheepish upon learning that timing eggs was a more popular search on Google. At least my ignorance was shared. (Funny how ignorance, along with misery, loves company.) The other thing I discovered is that properly cooking an egg in it's shell involves a great deal more than I expected. I laughed out loud when I saw how much information was presented about such a mundane subject. Check this "egg" site out to see what I mean.

I took a sojourn last week. I found myself in Thailand during the 4th of July weekend with nothing really going on except some work I was eager to procrastinate. Veronica still doesn't feel like traveling so any idea I came up with would be a solo run. I first thought of going to Angkor Wat but that is something I really want to share with someone. Nick and I have had on and off plans about going there I would like to keep that in my pocket for now. I enbded up spending four days
on the side of the Kok River in Chiang Rai in the middle of the Golden Triangle where Laos, Burma, and Thailand meet in a fascinating and historical place. I spared no expense and stayed in an upscale botique spa. My days were for exploring the history of the place and evenings were spent in the spa, and on my private balcony overlooking the river. I had many adventures and snapped many shots. I've included a couple of favorites here to whet your appetite. More on this subject later.

Just enough time to sip another cup of coffee, read a bit of news, throw the last bit of kit into my suitcase and start the dreary process of going to the airport and flying home. Lord I dislike flying these days. But the prize at the end of my journey is more then enough to overcome my repugnance for it.

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