Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blues doesn't get any better than this -"Living Proof"

"Living Proof" by Buddy Guy
There are always a large number of new music releases done around the holidays, many of which are holiday music of course, but the new release from bluesmeister Buddy Guy doesn't go there. Instead, we get a big steaming platter of the kind of soul satisfying, Chicago, blues that the clearly energized senior minster of R&B has been so blessedly talented at for more than half a century.
"Buddy Guy dedicates this CD to the fact that he's *SEVENTY-FOUR-YEARS-OLD*... his one of a kind electric blues performance says more than words can ever hope to... that he is absolutely ageless. His emanating power... song selection... which melds lyrics... voice... and mind boggling electrical guitar dominance... speaks of a man one-third his age with blues talent that has to come straight from the Lord. Way before you've even finished listening to this instant electric blues classic for the first time... a true lover of electric blues is thinking and praying way past the obvious next move of playing it again... you're selfishly dreaming of his next CD." - Review, Shaq Goldstein

The new release features all new music by the axeman, including two collaborative songs of legendary heights with BB King and Carlos Santana respectively.Fortunately, in the headwinds of the continuing saga of the global economy, merchants are deeply discounting this year again, so if you have the spare scratch loose in your pocket, this one will set you back only $10 bucks. I have never heard Buddy Guy sound as good.
(Disclaimer: though the link takes you to Amazon's page for the new release, we have no affiliation with them and don't make a penny if you click through or buy the CD.)

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