Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did I say Sleaze?

The following linked story was released in "The Nation" on their web site. (I think they should change their name to "The Nation...Tarnation") The article may lead to a considerable chink bitten out of Mr. McCain's armor if shown to be true. It could even draw blood. Pulitzer prize winning author & reporter Sydney Schanberg's ("The Killing Fields") story is entitled "McCain and the POW Cover-up" It goes quite a bit beyond that part of the spectrum that would be occupied by "sleaze" and challenges McCain's integrity and honor in a way that I think cannot be ignored. I'll mention also that there is already a debate in blog land over the accuracy of the story. I'll let you be the judge, but I recommend reading follow-up to the story before whistling your tune on this one. I am not sure why, as I admire Schanberg, and I am not especially a fan of McCain's as you know, but this story doesn't quite resonate for me. Perhaps it raises some embedded defense in me that comes from a barely tolerable loss. The loss of innocence, and the declining shine of what was once our country. I wish for some spit & polish, and not another layer of the onion to peel, drawing ever more close to the stench of it's core. So I almost hope that it isn't true. Between this and a $700 billion bail-out proposal ($2,304.00 for each man, woman, and child in the USA per July, 08 estimates) by the Bush gang and the state of the union just seems to continue to slide.

As I said, I'll let you be the judge as the debate unveils and I would very much like some other opinions here.

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Don said...

Hi Big Brother,
I read "The Nation" article, and it appears very accurate. I once thought of McCain as having served his country honorably. Despite his years as a POW, I'm taking all that back. He is no better than his cronies...the old saying "birds of a feather" comes to mind. Not to mention the fact that he is senile!